Working Mom Inspiration

When it comes down to it, we’re all moms, period. This fact remains, whether you stay at home, work, bottle or breastfeed, co-sleep or sleep train. Whether you have one kid, or an army of them. The days and weeks look different from mom to mom, and family to family. But we’re doing the most important work there is, arguably. You know…that whole business of raising kind and decent little humans. 🙂

Today I’m talking to my fellow working moms – holler if you hear me! I’d like to bring you some serious inspiration for those days where that full time schedule just doesn’t quite jive with your kid’s terrible twos or [enter the current phase you happen to be going through here].


Those days will happen, and chances are, you gotta show up anyway. So here’s some incentive for doing just that…

  1. Free, bottomless coffee
  2. Bathroom trips in sweet, sweet solitude
  3. Your choice of music, mixmaster. Old McDonald can piss off for the day
  4. Not having to share your lunch
  5. Relatively few spills, boo boos, and temper tantrums (depending on your place of employment)
  6. People using your name, and not “so-and-so’s Mom”
  7. People speaking in a language you can understand, and don’t have to decipher
  8. Making use of your wardrobe
  9. And having it stay mostly clean throughout the day
  10. Bringing home the bacon. Come to mama!
  11. Doing what you love, and getting paid for it (again, depending on your place of employment)
  12. Did I mention all-you-can-drink coffee?

Not a bad deal, right?

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