Baby Names for Walking Dead Fans + Meanings

Where are all the Walking Dead fans? With the season 6 premiere over the past weekend, I’m in the mood to count down some of my favorite names and characters. I just love these people – whether they are still around or not! This list is sure to inspire any mamas-to-be who may be searching for a name that is the perfect blend of chic and badass. Because let’s be real… these people are fighters.

For girls:

#1: Carol

Might as well kick off the list with the Queen of the Apocalypse. Carol has had, without a doubt, the most extreme character development from season 1 to 6. She’s one of the strongest female characters (and scariest!) on television, and would do anything to protect the ones she loves (and you know… herself). The name means “free man.”

#2: Michonne

Our favorite samurai! Another badass lady with sass for days. Michonne is a unique name for your little girl. So unique, that its meaning is unknown.

#3: Maggie

How can you not love Maggie? She’s a warrior with a heart of gold. Maggie is sweet name that means “pearl.”

#4: Sophia

Carol’s poor, sweet daughter. She may not have lasted long, but the barn scene will forever haunt us. Did you know that Sophia is actually one of the most popular names to date? It means “wisdom.”

#5: Rosita

We love a girl with guts and style. Rosita has proved to be tough as nails, though the name itself means “rose or flower.”

#6: Andrea

So, she wasn’t always a fan favorite, but Andrea proved herself to be protective and strong in the long run. Admirable, for sure. The name itself means “strong and manly.”

#7: Penny

Remember the Governor’s daughter? Though minor, I can’t help but add her because Penny is such a sweet name for a little girl. It means “weaver.”

#8: Sasha

Another lady warrior, Sasha has had her fair share of spotlight in season 5. The meaning of her name is pretty appropriate too, which is “defending man.” Perfect for a strong little lady.

#9: Deanna

Though viewers have only recently met Deanna, I think it’s safe to say she’s a sharp one! She may be short, but don’t judge her by her size. She is tough, thoughtful, and intelligent. The name means “divine.”

#10: Jessie

Rick’s new love interest is sweet as can be (or so she seems!) A simple and cute name for your little girl, meaning “wealthy.”

#11: Mika

Oh, Mika. We can’t even talk about it, but we will honor you on this list. A little girl with a strong, heart of gold. The name means “God’s child.”

Runners-up: Beth, Lori, Judith, Francine, Amy, Karen, Lizzie, Jacqui

For boys:

#1: Daryl

Because it’s Daryl Dixon, our favorite cross-bow wearing, squirrel-hunting dude of all time. Perfect for your little tough guy. The name Daryl means “dearly loved.” You got that name right, Walking Dead writers.

#2: Dixon

Just another piece of Daryl, because we (I) can’t get enough. Dixon sounds like a sturdy name for a boy, meaning “son of Dick.”

#3: Rick

The world always needs more Rick (Grimes). It just wouldn’t be a Walking Dead baby name list without him. It means “peaceful ruler.” That’s debatable, right?

#4: Glenn

Our favorite moral compass and one of the original five members remaining! The name Glenn means “valley.”

#5: Carl

The one name that has been called/screamed/yelled more times than we can count. But hey, we love Carl! He’s come a long way since season one. The name Carl means “free man.”

#6: Hershel

Another one of our moral compasses, we’ll always have a soft spot for Hershel. This is a unique name for your little guy, meaning “deer.”

#7: Eugene

Eugene’s an interesting character, and our resident Scientist/Smartypants. He is unique for sure, just like this name. It means “noble.”

#8: Gareth

Yeah, Gareth turned out to be terrifying, which is funny… because the name means “gentle.” Still a nice name (if you can get by the whole Terminus situation).

#9: Noah

Noah may not have been around long, but we still had a soft spot for this kid. The name Noah means “wandering.”

#10: Aaron

Most viewers took an instant liking to Aaron, us included. Plus… we’re pretty excited about this Daryl/Aaron bromance going on. The name means “enlightened.”

#11: Morgan

Our dear friend Morgan is finally with Rick and Company, and that’s really what’s exciting about season 6! This name means “sea-circle.”

Runners-up: Axel, Philip, Dale, Merle, Duane, Shane, Milton, Oscar, Otis, Theodore, Tyreese, and Tomas

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