30 Video Game-Inspired Baby Names

video game baby names

Are you a gamer? There are plenty of unique and inspiring baby names to pull from your favorite video games. We’re sharing 30 of our favorites.

For girls:

1. Aeris, Final Fantasy VII
2. Cortana, Halo
3. Peach, Super Mario Bros.
4. Kairi, Kingdom Hearts
5. Kaileena, Prince of Persia
6. Kirby, Kirby
7. Kitana, Mortal Kombat
8. Lara, Tomb Raider
9. Liara, Mass Effect
10. Misty, Pokemon
11. Mona, Max Payne
12. Rosalina, Super Mario Bros.
13. Samus, Metroid
14. Yuna, Final Fantasy X
15. Zelda, Legend of Zelda

For boys:

16. Avery, Halo
17. Blaine, Pokemon
18. Cloud, Final Fantasy VII
19. Corvo, Dishonored
20. Cyan , Final Fantasy VI
21. Dante, Devil May Cry
22. Delita, Final Fantasy Tactics
23. Ezio, Assassin’s Creed II
24. Fenix, Gears of War
25. Link, Legend of Zelda
26. Luigi, Super Mario Bros.
27. Mario, Super Mario Bros.
28. Max, Max Payne
29. Roxas, Kingdom Hearts
30. Shepard, Mass Effect

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