Quick Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him & Her

Just a few more days to finish up your Valentine’s Day shopping. If you are buying for a loved one this year, you may be at a loss for what to do. Roses and chocolate get old pretty fast! This week, we have a few ideas to share with you – from homemade to store bought.


Valentine for Him

  • Does your guy love sports? Tickets to a sports game are always a hit. If he isn’t into sports, how about music?
  • Beer guy? BBQ guy? Wine guy? There is a “club” for just about anything. Sign him up for a “___ of the Month Club!” Visit Amazing Clubs for more details.
  • Pick up his favorite movie, grab his favorite drink, and cook his favorite meal. Romantic dinner and a movie at home.
  • Why enjoy time together ONLY in February? This homemade envelope idea can last you throughout the year.

Valentine for Her

  • Make your own coupons to give to your wife or significant other. “This coupon is good for one free massage” is just as great as, “This coupon is good for one house cleaning!”
  • Find out what perfume your lady loves, and pick her up a bottle.
  • Print out your lady’s favorite picture of you two and have a fancy frame made for it. Things to Remember can engrave whatever you would like on one.
  • Jewelry never hurt, guys! Find a piece that holds meaning.

We hope that you have found this list helpful. We know how tough it may be to juggle life and holidays as a mom or dad. Good luck and remember… it is most important to enjoy your time and appreciate your loved one ALL THE TIME. You don’t need one day a year to prove it!

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