Name Inspiration: Twin Girls

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Expecting a pretty little duo? You get to have twice the fun naming your two little cuties. For some, this may be a little stressful, but we’re here to offer some inspiration.

1. Gemma and Margot
2. Emma and Ellie
3. Clementine and Sage
4. Elsie and Olive
5. Ava and Adaline
6. Goldie and Florence
7. Liv and Luna
8. Evie and Josie
9. Kyla and Kelsie
10. Lily and Lacey
11. Tatum and Teegan
12. Molly and Maggie
13. Penny and Polly
14. Maddie and Mila
15. Alivia and Allegra
16. Emmy and Nora
17. Eve and Willow
18. Desiree and Destiny
19. Poppy and Violet
20. Annie and Nellie
21. Kate and Kaley
22. Lucy and Lilly
23. Mabel and Minnie
24. Isabel and Ivy
25. Mia and Marnie

Which set is your favorite? If you have twins, we’d love to hear what you decided on. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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