22 Trendy Baby Names + Meanings

Young hipster father and cute baby boy sitting on rustic wooden floor over white background

Each year, trendy baby boy names surface, sometimes due to popularity among celebrities and even pop culture. Some may be less common, and others may be up and coming. Whichever the case, there’s thousands of mommies-to-be who are browsing for that perfect, unique name.

In 2016, here are some of our personal favorites:

For girls:

1. Adelaide // meaning: nobility
2. Mila // meaning: pleasant
3. Elsie // meaning: my god is bountiful
4. Mae // meaning: bitter
5. Matilda // mighty in battle
6. Penelope // meaning: white shoulder
7. Piper // meaning: piper
8. Danika // meaning: morning star
9. Emersyn // meaning: son of Emery
10. Hadlee // meaning: from the heath covered meadow
11. Kiera // meaning: little dark one

For boys:

1. Atlas // meaning: a Titan
2. Jasper // meaning: treasurer
3. Marley // meaning: from the march meadow
4. Axel // meaning: father of peace
5. Zane // meaning: gift from God
6. Duke // meaning: a male ruler or nobleman
7. Beckett // meaning: stream
8. Ezra // meaning: help
9. Atticus // meaning: man of Attica
10. Blake // meaning: light/dark
11. Dexter // meaning: one who dyes

What’s your favorite trendy name? Share your thoughts in the comment section. And if your baby’s name is listed above, shout it out!

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