From Tami: Similarities Between Toddlers and Teens

Young girl holding in her arms her little sister.

I have raised a lot of toddlers and a lot of teenagers, and I was recently struck with a fascinating thought. For all of the size and language differences, the two age groups are shockingly similar! I enjoy my teens as much as I did when they were toddlers, but sometimes I wish for a little less déjà vu.

Here are the top-eleven reasons why your teens and toddlers are so similar:

1. They outgrow everything, seemingly as soon as they put it on.
2. Their brains are developing rapidly, and you find yourself amazed at how much more mature they are today than they were last week.
3. But by the next week, you wonder how they regressed so quickly.
4. They are exerting their independence as they discover how to navigate the world without your help.
5. Two words: emotional rollercoasters.
6. Their laundry is endless.
7. Sudden burst in mobility (walking or driving, depending on the stage), none of the judgement.
8. Half of the time, you have no idea what they are talking about, and you can never get a straight story out of them.
9. They hate bedtime, but nap like logs.
10. The amount of junk food they eat is horrifying.
11. They light up your life (when they aren’t turning your hair grey), and it’s amazing to watch them grow into their own people.

So whether you are crouching to talk to your toddler or craning your neck to look at your suddenly-giant teen, I know that you are rocking motherhood.

That’s why you’re a Super-Mom.


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