Toddlers Love Testing Limits!

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Well, the toddler is officially—and obviously—testing his limits.

Last night, I was making dinner (curried ground beef with sautéed onion and summer squash, yum!) and my little man decided to help. So he reached up and grabbed the stove knob. I told him not to touch it, and that it is dangerous. He smirked and kept his hand on the knob, so I picked him up and moved him. I repeated that we don’t touch stove knobs, and that they are dangerous.

He crept back over and put his hand on the oven, turning his face to me. He doesn’t talk yet, but the message was clear: Am I allowed to do this? I smiled, and he grew bolder. He grabbed the oven handle. I laughed—I couldn’t help myself. And, so emboldened, he reached higher and grabbed the stove knob.


I told him not to touch, fighting to keep a straight face. I told him it was dangerous, and then I moved him away again.

He crept back. The cycle continued—he touched the oven door, then the handle, then the knob. I should have stopped him earlier, but I couldn’t control my facial features. I removed him from the situation again.

He came back. This time I removed him when he grabbed the oven handle. I turned back to my cooking for a minute, waiting for his little hands to reappear. When they didn’t, I turned around to look for him.

He was standing at the dishwasher, hands on the door, watching me inquisitively. And when I smiled, he reached up and grabbed the dishwasher knob.

Wise guy.

I think I’m in trouble.

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