11 Things to Teach Your Son

There’s a lot to teach your little gentlemen. Here are 11 gems to get you started, mama.


#1: Kindness goes a long way. Be respectful of your peers – people you know AND strangers. Real men show kindness and compassion in all that they do!

#2: Women are beautiful, strong, yet delicate. Treat them all just as wonderfully as you do your own mama, sister, aunt, grandmother, etc.

#3: Be yourself. Honestly – whatever your into, even if it’s not stereotypical dude stuff… because what is “typical” anyways? You do you. I’ll always support you.

#4: Be the bigger man. Other men will become jealous of you someday, whether it involves your talents, smarts, girls, or even paycheck. You don’t have time for petty people – brush it off and be the bigger man.

#5: Deal with it. You can expect to be embarrassed by me someday when you are “too cool,” especially in front of your friends. I’ll let it slide, because I know it’s a phase. Just remember to be nice to me – it’s all out of love!

#6: Manage your money wisely. Money is not everything, but it is important to invest and save for your future. A splurge here and there is expected (and healthy!) but always be smart with money. I’ll teach you along the way, too.

#7: Be respectful of your elders. Everyone loves a gentleman, and if you’re lucky, they will share their life experiences and stories with you. Listen closely, because they are wise and can teach you a thing or two.

#8: Remember to put the toilet lid down. I’m just saving you from a future fight with your significant other. You’ll thank my later.

#9: Violence is never the answer. Take the high road, always.

#10: Find a hobby – sport, instrument, writing, camping, etc. – and enjoy it often. It makes you a well-round person, and most importantly, it will bring you joy.

#11: You’ll always be my little boy. I love you always.

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