107 Things I’ll Teach My Future Daughter

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Can you tell how excited I am for motherhood? I love writing these types of posts because it really makes me think about what’s to come. If I have a daughter, there are a few things that I think she’ll benefit from knowing. Okay, not really a few – but these are all essential in my book.

Here’s my hefty list of life lessons – small and grand.

1. Make sure you laugh at least 10 times or more per day. Even on the worst days, because those are the days you need it most. Watch a funny movie scene or browse the internet if you must.
2. Read fantasy novels. They’ll take you to the most wonderful of places.
3. There’s nothing a good list can’t fix.
4. Visit Disney World once a year, if you can.
5. Write in a diary when you’re young, and read it back to yourself when you are 25. I did this, and it’s my favorite “pick-me-up” literature. Yes, literature.
6. You can literally tell me anything.
7. Scarf, boots, cardigans, leggings, pumpkin, crisp air, colorful leaves… fall weather is the best kind of weather.
8. You’re never too old for any and all Disney movies.
9. Never stop coloring. It’s good for the soul.
10. Read the books they assign in English class. They assign them for a reason, and that reason is because they are absolutely brilliant. Especially Jane Eyre and 1984.
11. Animals are our friends – no need to eat them.
12. Your Dad is your first (and greatest!) Valentine. Never forget that.
13. Never underestimate the power of a statement necklace.
14. Cry your eyes out, hangout in your sweats, eat ice cream from the tub, and watch a romantic comedy. It’s all a part of the post-break-up process. I’ll join you, too.
15. The best mic is a hairbrush.
16. Friends will come and go, but siblings are forever. Take care of your sister/brother.
17. Don’t be afraid to stand up for something you truly believe in.
18. Be kind.
19. Star Wars is just as cool for girls as it is boys. If you are anything like your mama, this will mean something to you.
20. Oh, and Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are both appropriate men to have your very first childhood crush on. That’s good taste.
21. When you’re feeling sad, just bake cookies. It won’t fix the problem, but it sure as hell tastes good.
22. Board games are way better than iPhone apps. Always have Scrabble on hand, as well as a good deck of cards.
23. Don’t hold grudges. They will only weigh you down!
24. There’s nothing better than a rainy day in your pajamas, on the couch, watching your favorite sitcom.
25. Blanket forts aren’t just for kids.
26. Dance in your bedroom like it’s no one’s business.
27. There’s nothing in this world that will stop me from loving you.
28. Always have a cat. There is little that purring cannot fix.
29. Don’t apologize for being raunchy sometimes. Some sh*t is just funny.
30. Make time to travel.
31. You are going to do some embarrassing things in your life. Laugh in the moment, because chances are, you’ll be laughing looking back at it in a few months.
32. Dad will embarrass the crap out of you, too. Deal with it and know that you’ll miss it someday.
33. Never dress for anyone but yourself.
34. Stop and watch the fireworks.
35. Drink lots of water and your skin will thank you.
36. Grow your own food – or at least try.
37. Talk to your great-grandparents and grandparents. They have awesome stories and experiences to share.
38. Celebrate big on your birthday. There’s no such thing as going overboard on the day you were born!
39. The perfect LBD will be your bff.
40. Go to the movies alone every once in a while. It feels nice.
41. “Good things come to those who wait,” is a great quote. A better (more accurate) quote? “Good things come to those who put themselves out there, work hard, and get sh*t done.”
42. Eat cake for breakfast at least once a year.
43. Go to concerts, and lots of them. Live music will do wonders for your heart and soul.
44. If you are feeling anxious or alone, pray.
45. If you feel sad, listen to Matt and Kim.
46. Apple cider vinegar is a miracle natural conditioner.
47. Suck it in and hold your head high. Good posture looks good on you.
48. Watch the stars while lying on the beach with someone you love. It’s not overrated.
49. Learn how to play chess, and learn how to play well. It’s fun to kick your hubby’s butt (much to his surprise) – I would know. 😉
50. Declare yourself a feminist. All women should be feminists.
51. Go above and beyond in everything you do.
52. I can’t name one episode of The Office that will not fix a bad mood.
53. The same goes for Friends.
54. Also, Jim and Pam are a good example of true love.
55. Your father and I are an even better example – same with your grandparents!
56. Road trips are necessary. Visit as many places and spaces as you can by driving.
57. Being a woman is absolutely incredible. We’re so powerful.
58. Choose cruelty-free products. Nothing should have to suffer for our vanity.
59. Store-bought popcorn is gross. Pop your own – it’s fun!
60. Hit the beach at least once each summer. Never underestimate the power of a good beach day.
61. Budget well and pay your bills ahead of time.
62. No shame in preferring flats over heels… says your mother who grew up in flats and sneakers.
63. You’re never too old for Where the Wild Things Are. Read it often.
64. Make a bucketlist and get on that.
65. When something as mundane as Saturday morning grocery shopping with your significant other is exciting, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.
66. Never believe what the media says when they try to tell you “how you should look.” You should look like a healthy human being, not a stick-figure, or a celebrity.
67. Feeling stressed? Play a game of Tetris. Better yet, challenge your Mom (who will kick your butt).
68. If you are going to splurge on anything in your closet, make it a good pair of jeans.
69. Modesty is sexy.
70. Wash your face every night. I don’t care if you’re too tired. Take off your make-up.
71. Processed sugar is the enemy. Mind your intake.
72. Take an absurd amount of photos in your lifetime. Bonus points if you make a scrapbook with them.
73. Don’t be afraid to eat at a restaurant alone. It’s oddly therapeutic, and gives you a chance to people watch.
74. 90’s music is the best music.
75. Playing in the rain is a good time.
76. Treat yourself, but save up. You should always have a savings account for your future.
77. Sometimes, you just need to play Mario Kart.
78. If you are going to get a tattoo, really think about it.
79. True friendship can sustain long-distances. I know this for a fact.
80. When you choose a career path, choose something you truly love. Happiness always trumps money.
81. Never settle.
82. You don’t have to like exercising. Just make an effort to be semi-active.
83. Put on the damn sunscreen.
84. Screw it – eat the damn sprinkled donut.
85. You can never have too many sprinkles.
86. Go whale watching and consider your breath taken away.
87. Start your day with something that makes you happy – from a colorful smoothie to a cup of tea in your favorite, pretty mug.
88. Leave the country and take in new sights, sounds, and culture.
89. Meaningful, homemade gifts are always a good idea.
90. If you are going to be labeled as something in your group of friends, let it be “the optimistic one.”
91. It’s a talent to be able to quote movies and TV shows off-hand. You’ve heard it here.
92. Wing your eyeliner and wear red lipstick proudly.
93. You will fail – a lot. Learn from your mistakes and embrace the failures.
94. ALWAYS sing your heart out while driving.
95. Don’t even try to bother with boys until you are in your 20s, and they are men. Trust.
96. Don’t judge anyone. Ever.
97. If you have the option to buy strawberries at the market or pick your own on a hot, June day, always pick your own!
98. Be a good listener. People love a good listener.
99. Always have an opinion.
100. Browse a bookstore or library at least one a month.
101. Watch your tongue. Words are hard to take back once they fly out.
102. Get up and watch the sunrise – with someone or alone. It’s stunning.
103. Marry someone who respects you, loves your unconditionally, and can make you laugh.
104. Seriously, the laugh part is very important. Life is going to be really boring if you are with someone who doesn’t find humor in Ren & Stimpy.
105. Eat the last slice of pizza.
106. Give yourself some credit.
107. Only you can make yourself happy. This is your life, so make the most of it.

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