From Tami: The Lady Gaga Discovery

Kids on karate.
Our 10 year old just discovered that Lady Gaga’s birth name was not Gaga.

It shocked him, because—although it made perfect sense—it just wasn’t something he’d ever thought about before.

And then he realized that changing one’s name is a thing that people can do.

That anyone can do.

He also just started Taekwondo.

And now everyone in his Taekwondo class knows him as Luke.

Which isn’t his name.

It isn’t even close to his name.

In fact, it doesn’t have a single letter in common with his actual name.

Or the same amount of letters.

Or syllable count.

Basically, it is as far removed from his actual name as he can get.

Maybe it’s a Star Wars thing?

When I found out, I tried to keep a straight face as I asked him why he’s changing his name, at least in this setting.

“It’s a much cooler Taekwondo name than my actual name.”

Ah. Coolness. Very crucial when choosing one’s Taekwondo name.

His best friend backed him up, with the adorable lisp he hasn’t quite shaken yet.

“Oh yeah, Luke is a super-cool Taekwondo name!”

Well. I can’t argue there, I suppose. Maybe the name comes with added Jedi skills to help him in class.

But I can’t help wondering what names are in store for future activities.

I’m thinking of changing my name to Khaleesi. I’m not the mother of dragons, but I sure could use a cooler, more powerful mom name than Tami when wrangling all these kids in my life.

Signing off, SuperMoms!

Khaleesi 🙂

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