#MOM11 Playlist: Best Swing Songs

You know those songs that transport you to a specific time or place in your life? Listening to Perry Como puts my brother and I right back at my grandmother’s eat-in kitchen table. We’re bright-eyed, and anxiously awaiting our morning platter of bacon and over-easy eggs, buttered white toast, and OJ. She hums “Hot Diggity” (#6 on this playlist) as she puts the finishing touches on breakfast. I can just about taste it, and see her bopping happily around the kitchen as we bounce in our seats in anticipation.

Lately, we’ve been playing Perry Como and Louis Prima at Friday night family gatherings, and reminiscing. Such happy music!

Do any of these swing era-songs conjure up memories for you? Even if they don’t, I dare you to frown while you listen along. Enjoy!

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