Natural Baby Bites: Sweet Pea Puree

Yes, peas! Introduce green to your little one early on with this sweet and simple pea puree.

fresh pea pods wooden boards

Peas can be introduced to your baby around 6-8 months, and are a great source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.* It is best to purchase fresh peas, and as with all fruits and veggies, wash thoroughly before cooking them. Once you are prepped and ready to roll, get to the recipe.


  • If using fresh, cook peas by steaming them in a steamer basket, with a bit of water.
  • If using frozen peas, cook according to package instructions.
  • Once tender, place in blender with a bit of water to thin the mash out.
  • Add more or less water, depending on the consistency you want.
  • To rid of remaining skin, you can strain the mash.
  • Check temperature and feed your cutie!

Remember, your babe’s stomach is adjusting and getting used to new foods. When introducing pea puree, they may only eat 1-2 tablespoons before getting full. That’s okay! You may also want to wait a few days before introducing a new and exciting puree. Yes, we know you are excited about this, but refrain! It is much easier to pinpoint a reaction to a food when there is only one in play. Over time, he or she will be able to eat more, and may enjoy a chunkier version for a new texture (around 1 year).

Overall, enjoy the moment, and feel proud that you are giving your baby the natural, wholesome food they need to grow.

*Always speak with your pediatrician about your baby’s diet, of course.

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