How To Support a New Mommy

Group Of Mothers With Babies Enjoying Outdoor Meal At Home
The following is written by guest blogger, Gwendolyn Fiola.

Whether you have three kids or none, we all have close girlfriends or family members at some point that have a newborn. As loved ones we are thrilled to share in the joy! Sometimes it can be tricky because every mom, whether it’s their first or their last, have different needs and expectations of family and friends.

In just six months, I have had the honor of having eight friends have babies and five of them are my nieces or nephews (some blood related and some honorary). I am most definitely a question asker and have learned a lot a long the way. We all want to be a blessing but without overwhelming mama. Here is a list of things that were consistent across the board:

1) Ask Ahead of Birth When Would be an Appropriate Time to visit Mama and Baby: Some moms welcome all to the hospital right after baby is born while others want to take that time to be with their partner and don’t want to be seen in a delicate and vulnerable state. Sometimes moms prefer to wait for visitors until they are at home or even a week later to get settled!

2) Always Bring Food: Mama is focusing right now on getting to know her baby, is sleep deprived, and probably constantly feeding. Bring over a meal that can be frozen that she or her partner can just throw in the oven. Keep visits brief and ask mom if there is any household chores you can do during your visit.

3) Dealing With Older Children: When I visit a new mom with multiple children, I bring a fun, small gifts for the siblings as well so they feel valued and don’t get jealous. It also helps to offer to take the big kids out for the afternoon to a park, the movies, or your home to babysit so mom can focus on baby or have a much needed nap.

4) The Best Gifts: This is just my opinion but I have stopped buying clothes for baby. The two reasons are that they grow out of them so fast and each mother usually has a specific preference in how they dress their baby. Unless you are 100% certain… don’t. Stick to the registry.

A new life in this world is so exciting! As friends and family we have an awesome opportunity to be a HUGE blessing to mama and baby. Do whatever you feel is right and I am sure it will be appreciated!

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Gwendolyn Fiola (@life_love_and_lavender_blog) has a passion for people, healthy relationships, and marriages. Gwen also has a deep love for informing and empowering people about mental health awareness and the stigmas attached.

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