11 Things I’m Soaking Up Before Motherhood [as told by GIFs]

I want kids. Okay fine, I really want kids. Heck, I was pretending to be a Mom back when I would drag my dollies around while running errands with my Mom and insist that I can bring their stroller into the grocery store. Bless my Mom for letting me live out my fantasy.

Fast forward to now, and the thought of becoming a mother excites me more than ever. Except… there’s still time to soak up what’s left of my independence. THANKFULLY. I won’t lie – as much as I want my childhood fantasy to finally become a reality, I tend get preeeeetty anxious. Taking care of another life? Yikes.

Here are 11 of the many things that I will be soaking up before taking on the greatest role of my life:

1. Sleeping throughout the night, and only getting up to pee or feed the cat.

Which reminds me…

2. Giving 100% undivided to my furbaby.

“High-fivez, Momz.”

3. Buying that new spring handbag at TJ Maxx vs. the floral diaper bag.


4. Reading the latest and greatest fad book vs. reading for informational purposes – boring!


Less diaper rash, more vampires and werewolves.

5. Having a clean house that (sorta) stays clean – well, at least a day or two!


6. Uninterrupted conversations and pillow talk with my husband.


7. Wearing t-shirts where the only questionable stains on them are probably from scarfing down lunch earlier.



8. Enjoying a good ‘ol “sick day” that’s all mine. Getting waited on. Pajamas, Netflix, blankets… #theworks

grilled cheese

Friends reruns all day with no interruptions, please.

9. A calm and quiet Sunday morning with my morning cup of coffee. And did I mention silence?


10. Going to my favorite vegan breakfast spot without disrupting the peace or having to worry about another mouth. Just me and my food.


11. Spontaneous adventures and day trips with my love that requires little to no thought or planning.

What I AM looking forward to soaking up in the future? Snuggles. That baby smell. Milestones. Licking up her dripping ice cream cone. Unconditional love.

Yeah, I still can’t wait. But happy to be enjoying the “me” time while I can!

What are you soaking up before the big day? Or what DID you soak up? We want to hear your best. Bonus points if you have a GIF to go with it!

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    • Bianca Scartabello on

      So happy that you enjoyed it, Jane! I’m sure they will alllll be worth it, but it’s nice to enjoy them for now! Thanks for reading and commenting – come back soon 🙂



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