Rough Night, Rough Morning


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I was up all night with the munchkin. All night. I think I’m functioning on 3 hours of sleep, and that has been my average for the last two weeks.

The other day, I tried to nap off an exhaustion-migraine, and ended up oversleeping. I missed daycare pickup by an hour. I didn’t hear my alarm, nor did I hear the phone calls from the daycare director.

Luckily, they reached my mom, and she picked him up, twenty minutes past pickup. I was a wreck. But I digress.

So, going back to last night, I was up pretty much all night. I wanted to scream, so instead, I cried. I tried to get into a Zen frame of mind, but who am I kidding? Zen and I don’t get along at 4 in the morning.

At 4:30 I caved, and we spent an hour watching The Wiggles (on my phone) in bed.

We fell asleep again as dawn was breaking, but bub was up by 7:15. Wiggles on the phone again. I feel guilty, but I literally couldn’t drag my head off of the pillow.

My husband decided to help me out by doing the morning routine. He stuck munchkin in the tub, (he had a meltdown the night before, so bath-time was skipped), washed him up, and let him sit and play, keeping an eye on him while putting in his contacts.

Except that the eyes saw everything blurry. He kept bub safe. He watched our small sir splash around. But he couldn’t clearly see the water quality. Which was a problem. Because apparently, our classy child had pooped in the tub while my husband was putting in his lenses.

And now he was using his bath-cup to collect the poop-water and play with it. How did the husband discover this?

When his vision was clear, which incidentally was when the munchkin threw the poop water out of the bath, all over the bathroom floor.

Fifteen minutes after my husband told me to go back to sleep, and that he would handle the morning routine, I was awake again. I got small sir dressed. My husband cleaned the bathroom.

Oh well.

It was a valiant effort on our parts.

It’s not our fault if we are foiled by our toddler.

Maybe I’ll sleep tonight…

And maybe I’ll win the lottery, too!

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