25 Ways to Re-Use Your Mom of 11 Kids Tin


Did you know that tin cans are the most energy-efficient form of recycling that the world has yet developed? That being said, we’re pretty proud to have a tin canister that is recyclable and totally re-usable once you finish using the product. It’s just one of the ways that we give back to our beautiful environment.

Sure, you can toss it in the recycling bin, but did you know that you can do so much more? Check out just a few ways that you can re-use the tin again and again.

  1. Storage for loose change
  2. Storage for hair clips and bobby pins
  3. DIY tin candle holders
  4. Storage for dry cereal, like Cheerios, for your kiddos in the car
  5. Almonds, cashews, trail mix, and more – perfect snack storage for mama
  6. Storage for small desk items – think paperclips, rubber bands, etc.
  7. Recycled kids’ crafts – ornaments, anyone?
  8. Storage for little girls’ beads, trinkets, and other small craft items
  9. DIY succulent planter – works best with the larger tins
  10. Storage for a mini first-aid kit
  11. Pocket tackle box for Dad’s who love to fish – hooks, line, weights, etc.
  12. Storage for candy, mints, cough drops, etc.
  13. Feeling really crafty? How about these wall-mounted tin can tea lights
  14. LEGO storage for the little man in your life
  15. DIY crayon holder. This one is adorable!
  16. Have kiddos decorate with paper, stickers, and markers for their own personal storage needs. A practical craft, indeed.
  17. Storage for guitar picks (psst… Dad!)
  18. Great for traveling with small jewelry (think rings and earrings)
  19. Storage for nails, screws, and other handy items
  20. DIY pin cushion for the seamstress in your life
  21. Storage for all the lip balms that get lost in your purse!
  22. Store homemade spices
  23. DIY twine storage containers
  24. Use them to organize drawers – at home or in the office
  25. DIY lantern – holiday-inspired or not!

So really, give that tin canister a good scrub and start using it however you see fit. As you can see, there are plenty of ways!

What will you re-use yours for?

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