The Realest Advice You’ll Get From 22 Moms


We asked, you answered. There’s a lot of Mommy advice circulating the internet, and we know that what may work for one mom may not necessarily be a big win for another – and that’s fine! We all have our way of getting things done. But hey, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your best advice… because you never know who is going to be praising you later on for the heads up.

  1. “Keep scissors and a sharpie in your car: Sharpie to label items that kids spontaneously decide to take to school. Scissors for opening items that absolutely have to be opened immediately! Cutting tags off of emergency shirt purchases. My SIL is the one who recommended this to me and I use both items more than I care to admit.” -Kristin R.
  2. “Don’t give in or up.” -Christina F.
  3. “Trust your instincts, and don’t ever let a doctor tell you what’s wrong with your baby (unless a lab test can prove it), you know them the best. Don’t let them argue with you about it either. They work for you, therefore they need to listen to you. Or at least compromise to assure you and their own accusations.” -Robin H.
  4. “Teach you children love and empathy it goes a long way.” -Julie B.
  5. “When it’s quiet, something evil is afoot.” -Varity F.
  6. “Children need to be told no. They need to experience disappointment or they will never make it as an adult.” -Jill K.
  7. “Remember you are the parent not a friend. At least 5x a day tell them you love them. Although frustrating, remember children have “bad days” too. They just don’t know why.” -Alli K.
  8. “It’s ok if your 2.5 year old wants to live in pj’s 24/7, it could be worse.” -Kim E.
  9. “Love them, especially in the days when you are not feeling it (& you will have those days if you are human).” -Donna M.
  10. “If you hear your kid say “hey, open your mouth” DO. NOT. DO. IT…..” -Brittany D.
  11. “Keep writing utensils out of reach when they learn how to write their names.. your walls and doors will be covered in their names.” -Valerie S.
  12. “Beware of the terrifying threes.” -Schteve K.
  13. “Be patient but stand your ground when need be.” -Christina M.
  14. “Breast feed your children till they are 1….” -Dolores G.
  15. “Sugar on the tongue for hiccups.” -Holly D.
  16. “Cherish every single moment the good and the bad, because in a heartbeat kids are grown and out the door. Life is too short to stress worry and freak out about little things. You only get one chance to raise a kid make the most of it and he or she will be your gift to the world.” -Crystal A.
  17. “Shit happens…so have the drink anyway. ;)” -Toni H.
  18. “Trust your instincts!!!” -Jennifer S.
  19. “Being a mom of 7 I would say that it doesn’t ever get less hard from diapers and teething to teenage rebellion they are always worth it so enjoy the moments don’t wish them bigger because they grow up too fast and wishing that is taking away the now memories.” -Heatha B.
  20. There will come a time, early on, that you will be convinced that you will surely die from lack of sleep. You won’t. Enjoy the 3am cuddles, when the rest of the world is silent and it’s just the two of you. Those days won’t last long – and I promise you will miss them.” –Melissa F.
  21. “Never be above bribery…” -Michelle H.
  22. “Love them hard everyday but make sure they are tough values of life. So many kids today run around telling the parents what to do we need to bring respect back to society.” –Tonya G.

Hey reader, now it’s your turn. What’s the realest advice you’ve got for all the mamas out there?

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