So, You’re Pregnant With Another

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It’s inevitable. As soon as you’re engaged, people ask when the big day is. And when it arrives, they ask when you’ll have a kid. You’re not out of the woods when that baby comes, though! You might not even be out of the hospital bed before you hear, “Do you think you’ll have more, or…? When?”

For me, that “when” is now. I’m expecting my second child in September. What I wasn’t expecting were the frantic thoughts that have tagged along with this news.

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Here are 11 candid things you might feel when you’re pregnant with a second (or third, or fourth…):

  1. Do I have enough love to give?
  2. Where in bloody hell will I find the time to keep another tiny human alive?
  3. Maybe my first will resent my second for all time. Or maybe they will they run happily through fields of daisies while I snap precious photos that can live on our mantle. TBD.
  4. OMG, college is so expensive. How? How??
  5. I’m alone with the kid(s) a lot. One-on-one is about to turn two-against-one real quick. #terrifying
  6. Will this one adopt nocturnal habits, too?
  7. I won’t do it. I won’t get a “mom cut.” I don’t care how hard it is to tame this lion’s mane, as well as two other sets of locks. Not happening. *secretly considers it*
  8. Is it bad that I think I’ll really enjoy going back to work (again)? Bless the SAHMs. I’m just not one.
  9. I’m trying to get my first to kick the binky habit. Who wants to take bets on how quickly he’ll pluck that paci out of his brother or sister’s mouth?
  10. Will anything in my life ever be tidy and free of Goldfish dust again?
  11. I have one sworn enemy and it’s the infant carrier. If you made 10+ lb. babies, you’d understand. There is no graceful way to lug a carrier and a 25 lb. toddler in and out of anywhere…of this I’m already sure.

I don’t know what to expect…yet. But I’ve heard from a lot of second-timers who swear it just clicks. Mass pandemonium ensues, but you all float on alright. I’m going to take your lead, parents of multiples, and leave it to fate. Fingers crossed!

Have any second pregnancy fears or feelings you want to share? Comment away. We’re not here to judge.

Mom of 1, with 1 more on the way

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