Top 11 Pregnancy Fears (with Facts to Make You Relax!)

Childbirth. Yes, it’s beautiful, messy, exciting, frightening, wonderful, scary, and unbelievable, all rolled in one. Whether it is your first or third pregnancy, you will always have a sense of fear. But relax, it is normal, and we totally understand it.

Woman Feeding Milk To Newborn Baby On Hospital Bed

This week, we are counting down some of the top pregnancy fears, alongside some facts as to why you should stop worrying! We hope this will not only educate, but put your mind at ease.

Fear #1: “What if I miscarry?”
Fact: Less than 20% of pregnancies result in miscarriage. Furthermore, the majority of miscarriages will occur so early on, that you may not even realize that you are pregnant.

Fear #2: Fact: “I’m scared of morning sickness, and what if I don’t eat?”
Fact: Even if you are eating toast and juice, your baby is going to absorb ALL nutrients. It should not cause any issue with your baby’s nutritional needs.

Fear #3: “What if it’s a stillbirth?”
Fact: Stillbirths are rare. Your risk is less than 1%.

Fear #4: “What if I go into labor too soon?”
Fact: The risk of premature labor is about 13%. The good news? Over 70% of premature babies are born between 34 and 36 weeks. This means they are far enough along to lower the risk of serious complications or developmental issues.

Fear #5: “What if my baby has a birth defect?”
Fact: The risk of a baby having a birth defect is only 4%, including both major AND minor defects.

Fear #6: “What if I need an emergency C-section?”
Fact: Most C-sections are planned, so stop dreading it. If it does occur, just think to yourself… there is really nothing you can do. The baby will need to come out healthy, safe, and sound. The doctor and nurses are there to get you through this, and you will be fine!

Fear #7: “What if I pee or poop myself?!”
Fact: Hey, it happens. The good news is that doctors and nurses have seen it all, and will not be the least bit grossed out. If it helps, try going to the bathroom beforehand.

Fear #8: “Will I enjoy sex as much after labor?”
Fact: It may seem like a dream to think you will feel anything down there again, but rest assured, you will! Give your body time to catch up and heal itself. Focus on the baby and the rest you need. Trust us, you will enjoy sleeping more than sex within the first few months. Your libido will come back, promise.

Fear #9: “Will I ever lose the baby weight?”
Fact: Stop comparing yourself to celebrities and realize that weight loss will take time. Do your best to stay within the normal weight gain (25-35 lbs) and focus on the baby. Also, breast feeding works wonders for weight loss, so keep that in mind.

Fear #10: “What if I don’t make it to the hospital on time?”
Fact: Understand that 0.4% babies are born before arriving to the hospital. Chances are THAT slim.

Fear #11: “What if I am not a good mom?”
Fact: Here’s a biggie, but let us just tell it to you straight. If you are worried about not being a good mom, it shows that you genuinely care. This alone shows that you are capable of being the best you can be for your son or daughter.

When your nerves start to get out of control, remember this: Each year, more than 208 million pregnancies occur worldwide. You are not alone! It’s normal to have fears, but remember to look at the facts. Take care of your body, and remember that you always have a support system, right here.

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