How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Hair?

Pregnancy doesn’t just affect your belly and mood, mama. Many women experience changes in their hair, from texture to growth. Allow us to break down some of the changes for you, to give you better insight to what you should expect.


First and foremost, we’re sure you know what’s to blame for these changes – hello again, hormones! While hormone levels are fluctuating like crazy, your hair will be going through its own craziness.

During your pregnancy, you may notice the following:

  • Thicker locks. High estrogen levels are to blame for the rapid growth of hair. It will be growing faster, and also falling out a lot less.
  • Hair in places you’ve never seen it before. Belly, nipples, and the face are common areas where you may find a hair or two.
  • Different texture. Every woman is different, so you may notice that your hair is either drier or oilier. In some cases, you may even notice a new color.

Whether you hate or love these changes, don’t bet on them sticking around. After the birth of your baby, you’ll be losing hair faster than you can say “boo.” The growth phase is over, and your hair will return to normal in about six months. You may notice:

  • Hair clumps in the shower. Be ready with the Draino!
  • Thinner hair. Don’t worry, hon! This is temporary. The extra amount of hair that you lose will more than likely be replaced within 6-12 months.

If you are concerned about this hair loss, take extra caution when styling to avoid further damage. This includes:

  • Avoiding hot tools (curling iron, straightening iron, etc.)
  • Air-drying your hair, rather than blow-drying
  • Shampooing less (even if it’s once ever other day)
  • Avoiding tight hairstyles, such as ponytails and braids, that could lead to breakage.

Please remember that whatever you are dealing with in the hair department during and after your pregnancy can be dealt with. Don’t be scared to talk to your hairstylist about new products to deal with any changes you are seeing. Feeling yourself is important during motherhood!

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