#MOM11 Playlist: Happy Vibes

Ladies, we get it. Sometimes, you need to put the sunshine into your own day! Between household chores, work, and family… it can be hard to catch a break.

But low and behold, the power of music. Music is scientifically proven to be linked to happiness. Listening to your favorite song can cause the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical. Yes, this is what we mean by creating your own sunshine!

We’re here to get you started with a Happy Vibes playlist. These songs are peppy enough to boost your mood, and have you singing along loud and proud. We dare you to listen to “I’m Walking on Sunshine” and NOT start bopping along. Just not happenin’, hun!

Continue on to listen.


Listen below or download and save to your Spotify profile:

We’ll be creating playlists for you each month, so be sure to stick around. There will be plenty more, including guilty pleasures and a powerhouse playlist that will get you through weekend cleaning. Dancing and cleaning? We think yes.

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