The Most Challenging Thing About Being a Mom Is…

We just had to know – what is the most challenging thing about being a mom? Plenty of you wanted to weigh in on this Facebook discussion. Check out the list we compiled from real moms across the globe.


“Worrying about if I’m making the right choices pertaining to my teens and young adult son. And I thought parenting little ones was tough…” -Natosha

“Doing it all on my own and worrying…all the time.” -Amanda

“Co parenting with an asshole.” -Nicole

“Waking six kids up for school …..with one bathroom! Lol” -Katrina

“Managing time!” -Adrian

“All of the above! Doing it alone with 3 and lack of sleep.” -Liz

“Constantly worrying, making the right choices.” -Codi

“Following thru on punishments. Grounding etc. and scared I’m not always doing the right thing.” -Kristi

“Never giving up.” -Royalty

“Time management, loss of friends..” -Dianne

“Feeding her a healthy meal when mom and dad both work. She’s only 2 I bet things will get better….” -Sheri

“Privacy, time, sleep.” -Heather

“Giving equal attention to each child!!” -Sheri

Time followed by dressing him so cute only to find mud all over his bottom and toothpaste on his black shirt sleeve going to football games where my child is rolling down a red clay dirt hill instead of warming up or finding my clothes or belongings used for experiments and inventions or the school calling bc another child called my son gay so my son wouldn’t stop calling him a vagina over and over I about melted into the floor with that phone call … yeah I cant name any one thing because there is always something .. but I wouldn’t have it any other way my sons my world.” -Krissy

“Dealing with all the health issues that came with my pregnancy and delivery. I nearly died of a pulmonary embolism following an emergency cesarean due to stalled labor and preeclampsia. My daughter is beautiful, healthy, and perfect, but I don’t know if I will have the strength and longevity to get her to adulthood….” -Katrina

Teaching them something and me not knowing how.” -Amanda

“Being a mom!!! (Wouldn’t change it for anything though!)” -Charity

“Having time to yourself (3yr old and 2mo. old)” -Anabel

“Balancing time with everyone and getting everything done.” -Casey

“Having privacy in the bathroom….Seriously….is like a family meeting every time I want to use it. Lawd help me.” -Laura

“Time.” -Karissa

Now it’s your turn to weigh in. Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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