Parent Affirmations

We have all had those days. The ones where we feel like failures as parents. The ones where we wonder why anyone thought we were responsible or capable enough to care for an entire other person. Sometimes we wonder when and why we are even allowed to care for ourselves.

So here are some things to remind you that you are doing just fine:

  • In the scheme of things, no one cares if your kid ate French-fries/pizza/hot-dogs/chocolate/Twinkies for all three meals today. At least he got food!
  • Too many baths can dry your baby’s skin. So don’t feel guilty about skipping it once (or twice…or thrice) in a while!
  • No one’s house actually looks good all the time. Facebook is a liar. Television is a liar. Your mother-in-law is a liar. That perfect friend with the immaculate kitchen, well-mannered kids, and homemade organic foods? Either an alien or a liar (you choose).
  • So your kid has decided to be a climber, and has fallen off of chairs/beds/couches more times than you would like to admit. But hey, he’s testing limits and getting exercise! All good things, right?
  • He’s only not talking yet because there isn’t anything worth talking about. He is chock-full of brilliant observations, but he is a man of few words.
  • Your baby is very worldly and cultured. You know this because he has excellent taste in TV. Oh, no screen time for kids under two? Well, your kid is mature for his age, thankyouverymuch.
  • It’s okay if you fed your kid naked. In the tub. It’s called multitasking and problem-solving, and you, darling, are a pro.
  • Don’t feel guilty for enjoying your adult time, whether it’s for work or play. Everything in moderation—it doesn’t help your kiddos if you are a stressed mess all the time.
  • Baby teeth fall out. It’s not the end of the world if they don’t get brushed every day.
  • He loves the iPad? It’s ok, he is going to be a tech genius one day!
  • It is ok to pray for/plead with/silently cry for him to nap. Don’t feel guilty. Sleep is good for the soul—his and yours—and should be practiced as often as possible.

You are not alone. You are still a good parent. Every parent in history has felt like this at some point. Hang in there, because there is a little person in the world who looks at you and sees a rock-star.

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