An Open Letter to All Husbands of Pregnant Women

Pregnant couple
Dear Hubby,

Oh, you have truly been a saint thus far. Sure, I may flip my lid every time I notice a rogue dirty fork in the sink or when you accidentally bump into my very pregnant body while I struggle to sleep, but let’s push that all aside. There’s more good than bad, and I would like to thank you for it. In fact, I speak on behalf of all pregnant women when I say thank you for:

#1: Showering me in compliments when I wore my first maternity dress. Keep ‘em coming, too.

#2: Never commenting on my industrial-sized pregnancy undies. You and I both know we could fit a family of five in those bad boys, but your silence is golden.

#3: Running out to pick-up that food I’ve been craving. There’s no telling what would have happened if you didn’t.

#4: Rubbing my swollen feet. Major points when you do it without me having to ask.

#5: Planning a date night. Regardless of my current state, I can always appreciate a care-free night out.

#6: Keeping your thoughts to yourself when you catch me trying to shave my legs. I know it’s not pretty.

#7: On that same note, helping shave my legs when all hope is lost. It’s the price you have to pay to avoid feeling my prickly legs at night.

#8: Leaving me alone when I have morning sickness. I appreciate you trying to help, but a girlfriend just wanna be left alone when she’s vomiting her brains out.

#9: Cleaning up after yourself. I appreciate this now more than ever. Seriously, it turns me on.

#10: Not judging my eating habits. I know, some of the stuff I’m enjoying these days is pretty gross. But you never once comment on it, and that’s incredible.

#11: Leaving me the hell alone. It’s nothing against you, and you know it. Thanks for giving me space when I need less contact, and love when I need it the most.


Your very pregnant and hormonal Wife – xo

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