A Guide to Your Nightly Skin Routine

Before you lay your head down and hit the pillow to sleep, think for a second. Have you done everything that needs to be done? Kitchen cleaned? Check. Doors locked? Check. Kiddos in bed? Check. Face fresh and clean? Oops!

In order to achieve clear, healthy skin, it is essential for you to have a nighttime skin care routine. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We understand that you are exhausted from the day. However, this regimen should be done right before bed each night – and never spared! Whether you have to wash your make-up off or just a day’s worth of oil and dirt, you should never go to bed without a fresh face.


If you are struggling to fall into a healthy skincare routine, no need to worry. We have an easy routine for you right here. Simply bookmark this page and check back when you need a refresher (though we know you won’t need it for long once you make it a habit!)

#1: Cleanse. Using a gentle cleanser will clear away the dirt and grime of the day. How often? Every night

#2: Remove all make-up. If you do not have makeup remover oil, use a small amount of petroleum jelly to smooth across your eyes. Use a cotton pad or face towel to gently scrub your eye makeup off. How often? When wearing make-up

#3: Apply a Toner. Toner will help to remove any makeup or cleanser than is still on your face. How often? Every night

#4: Exfoliate. Use an exfoliator for a tougher scrub than your average cleanser. This can help remove dead skin. How often? Twice a week, to avoid drying out your skin

#5: Moisturize. After washing your face and toning, it is important to moisturize Why? You wash away the essential oils needed for healthy skin. How often? Every night

#6: Eye Cream. Using an eye cream on the skin around the eye will replenish the skin, while reducing dark circles and puffiness. Just be careful when applying around your eyes! How often? Every night

Having this complete routine in place can help to keep your skin clear of acne or blemishes.

Now that you have the six-step routine, do your best to stick to it! If you do not notice an improvement in a month’s time, it may be time to switch up the products you have been using.

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