My Toddler Goes to College

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My toddler goes to college.

Not often, but it has happened a few times. So far, he has spent time in chemistry and pharmacology, and he handled himself quite well.

Of course, he goes to daycare too, but he is clearly leagues beyond his peers. I mean, how many of them have sat through college-level chemistry lectures?

This is what happens when you are a student-parent. My son will be three when I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree. A lot of my classmates are parents as well. Some have brought a child to class, and some haven’t—we only do it as a last resort, when every other childcare option has fallen through.

I find it very stressful to bring my son to class with me. I need to try and focus, while simultaneously keeping a child both entertained and *quiet.* Because the last thing I want is to hinder anyone else’s learning.

Sometimes, if my childcare arrangements fall through suddenly, I will just skip class to stay home with the munchkin. I’m in nursing school, though, and I miss an awful lot of material if I skip class.

I’m neither a teen mom nor a single mom, and going to school with a child is difficult for me. I know that I am lucky to have as much support as I do, and to be able to pursue my education.

So I just wanted to write this as a shout-out to single parents, teen parents, and student parents. You are all doing fantastic jobs. Keep on keeping on, and cut yourself a little bit of slack from time to time.

You’re a rock star!

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