11 Little Victories Every Mom Experiences [GIF post]

Little victories to some, BIG WINS to mamas all over the world. These victories are universal, and should be celebrated.

#1: When your toddler correctly matches up a word with an object or action.


DING DING DING! We have a winner!

#2: Getting a toddler to eat ______.


Seriously. Veggies, breakfast, whatever the hell you’re trying to get them to eat.

#3: Uneventful trips to the store.

happy tears

He just SAT there and behaved. No crying, no tantrums… oh geez, now I’M starting to cry. *happy tears*

#4: Getting the kids in the car in under 10 minutes.


I should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for this feat.

#5: Going to the bathroom in peace.


I almost forgot what it’s like to not have two eyes staring back at me while I’m parked on the toilet.

#6: Bathing without being disturbed.


Oh God. It’s almost TOO quiet. Hello…

#7: Making dinner that everyone likes.


Is it a blue moon or something?

#8: Leaving your kiddo at school without crying for the first time.


FINALLY. I thought I’d be a blubbering mess forever.

#9: Eating a solid meal for lunch.


It feels oh so good to not force myself to eat a half-eaten banana and call it LUNCH.

#10: Keeping your cool when arguing with your tween.


They got lucky, this time…

#11: You found the time to read this post.


BRB, we’re just going to get your award…

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