How To Get Kids to Do Homework

Mother and Daughter Doing Homework

School’s back in session, and that means homework season has arrived.

It’s like pulling teeth to get some kids to do their homework. You and I both know you’re not a dentist, so it’s time to try another method.

Sure, math problems are no comparison to playing hide and seek with the kids next door, but it’s important to help your child see the importance in practice and learning. Making homework look appealing and seem interesting is a tough feat, but there are a few things you can do to guide your child and instill good homework habits.

#1: Be straight with them. The best approach is the realistic approach. Kiddo, I know. It sucks. Homework sucks just as much for me as it does for you (after all, I need to push and help you with it). But it needs to get done, and the sooner it is done, the sooner you can go out and play before bedtime. Encourage them to concentrate now for the fun later.

#2: Setup a homework area. Sometimes, a creative and nice space is all it takes. Have a nice desk area setup in their bedroom. You can stock it with fresh pencils, erasers, lined paper, laptop, calculator, a freakin’ candle – you know, the works. Figure out what he needs to concentrate, and it may make doing homework a lot easier on him.

#3: Set a timer. If your kid is afraid to be stuck doing homework all night, make sure he knows that he won’t be. Set a timer for 30 minutes to an hour – ready, set, go. When the timer goes off, they can choose to take a break or finish the assignment. If they are on a good roll, chances are, they will just finish.

#4: Help out. Sometimes, the brutal assignments are the ones that will have your kid procrastinating. Offer to help when you can. Sit down and try to understand what he is working on. If it’s a report, offer to help by typing up notes while he researches and finds what he is looking for. You may want to even throw in a few, “that’s fascinating!” and show your enthusiasm.

#5: Prove that you’re proud. Empower that growing brain! If they worked hard on an assignment and come home with a good grade, smack that right on the fridge.

If all else fails, it may be time to bargain. If you spend an hour a night on homework, you can do blah blah blah this weekend. Who knows, they may just make a habit out of it once they realize it’s not that bad.

So, what’s the best advice you’ve got? There are some mamas out there whose sanity depends on some good advice from the community! Share away.

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