Introducing Mom of 11 Kids: Highly Effective, All-Natural Mom & Baby Products

WOONSOCKET, RI, June 2, 2015 – To simplify the lives of more than 90 million Millennial moms in the U.S., Aidance Scientific has introduced a safe and powerful skin care product line for moms and babies called Mom of 11 Kids.

Reports specify that Millennial moms seek solutions that minimize the complexity of their lives. Formulated to meet this need within the skincare market, Mom of 11 Kids products deliver fast, reliable results for on-the-go moms. These products bridge the gap between all-natural and highly effective.

The Mom of 11 Kids product line features intensive diaper rash ointment, first aid ointment, eczema ointment, and baby body butter for children, as well as stretch mark ointment, scar ointment, and sore nipple ointment formulated for mothers.

Each standout product features Mom of 11 Kids’ core technology: Natural Positive Ions technology. Products are infused with naturally-found, positively-charged ions that are attracted to the negative charges associated with damaged skin. This attraction expedites the delivery of key healing ingredients to the problem area, for faster results at a much faster rate.

The Mom of 11 Kids product line is safe for sensitive skin. It does not contain artificial dyes or fragrances, parabens, steroids, and phthalates. Each product is all-natural, made in the USA, cruelty-free, and recyclable.

Mom of 11 Kids was founded by real-life mom of 11, Tami Kesselman. “The balance of cutting-edge ingredients, essential oils, and antioxidants is carefully calibrated to work better than anything on the market,” Kesselman says. “Moms are hard-working, with no time for nonsense. Let these products make motherhood simpler!”

To coincide with its product launch, Mom of 11 Kids is pledging support for a different charity each quarter by donating a percentage of each product sold to a deserving cause.

Since 2014, Mom of 11 Kids has become a bustling community for moms around the world, with more than 25,000 highly engaged Facebook fans to date. The company aims to understand and support moms on all levels, while offering them a unique place to connect, share, and grow.

About Mom of 11 Kids
Mom of 11 Kids was founded by Tami Kesselman, a real-life mom of 11 children who appreciates the need for practical, fast, and effective solutions for busy moms on the go. The company offers all-natural, highly effective skin care products for mom and baby. Mom of 11 Kids prides itself on transparency and authenticity, and uses only ingredients with proven, science-backed natural benefits.

For more information on Mom of 11 Kids, visit, or call 401-347-2774.

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