Hair Care: Avoiding a Frizzy Summer Season

The humidity in the air is no friend to your hair. If you suffer from frizz in the summer, we understand your frustrations. Instead of wearing a ponytail from now until October, we have a few tips that can help keep your hair looking sleek and smooth all summer long.


#1: Use conditioner everyday. Conditioner keeps hair moist and hydrated. This is your goal this summer, as dry hair can attract moisture from the atmosphere… thus leading to frizz.

#2: Embrace hair serum. Coat your hair with a silicone serum. It protects your hair with a gloss that keeps moisture out of the cuticle.

#3: Blow dry, even on hot days. No matter how hot it is, it is important to dry your hair completely before leaving the house. Even a drop of moisture in your hair will cause it to frizz up.

#4: Use a mask on your hair. Treat your hair to a mask, especially if it is damaged. This will provide extra hydration.

#5: Keep the touching to a minimum. The more you touch and handle your hair, the more frizz you may notice. How? The friction roughs up the hair’s cuticle. Instead of brushing, comb hair with your fingers and leave it as is for the day.

If you can follow the above tips, you may notice that your hair is much more tame than normal. Don’t let the heat get to you!

Do you have any specific tips or advice that could help out our readers? Share it with us in the comment section or send us a tweet!

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