11 Thoughts First-Time Moms Have When Googling Pregnancy Tips

Congratulations on your first pregnancy! We know how busy your fingers have been Googling any and all questions you may have. Excited? Oh yeah. Petrified? We thought so.


While your browsing the internet for answers (and oh, there are a lot of answers out there), we can’t help but feel a little sorry. So much information is being thrown at you, and it can actually make the entire situation THAT much more terrifying. Plus… all the stuff you find out. Oh God. *Cue panic*

#1: What the hell is a Boppy? Oh, that thing.

#2: I might POOP myself? #HELP. (This is immediately followed by the following search term: how to not poop while giving birth)

#3: TTC? VBAC? DTD? So many acronyms on these damn websites. This key may help those who are just as confused.

#4: Oh God, it’s finally time to prepare a will. That’s depressing.

#5: What’s this? It says… something about… TEARING?! Excuse me while I harness this fear.

#6: What the hell, CAN I OR CAN I NOT DRINK COFFEE? Give me a straight answer, people!

#7: My feet won’t get THAT big, right? Probably not… I’m pretty sure… I hope.

#8: God, I hope my bump looks that good. These women all look amazing in their maternity clothes. You go, girls.

#9: There’s actually techniques to swaddling? I just assumed you wrap them up like a burrito. Mmm… burrito.

#10: How hard can breast-feeding be? Oh wait, spoke too soon…

#11: A live human is going to come out of my vajayjay. OMG, it’s starting to sink in.

Let’s be real: 99% of moms have all had these same thoughts. As for the squirmy stuff? They got past it, and they sure as hell don’t regret it. I bet 100% of moms would poop themselves a second or third time for their kids. Amiright?

You got this, mama!

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