11 Things Gilmore Girls Taught Us About Parenthood

If you are a Mom, watching Gilmore Girls reruns may hit you right in the feels. Lorelai and Rory share an unbreakable bond – full of love, drama, laughs, stress, and everything in between. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this relationship, and we’re pointing out 11 obvious ones right here.

#1: It’s okay to be an emotional rollercoaster.


This may especially ring true for new moms. In one sentence you will be laughing one second, then have tears streaming down your cheeks the next. Welcome to motherhood! The good news? It’s normal, and it’s okay! Sookie did it, and so will you.

#2: Believe in their dreams from day one.


Who cares if they are flaunting Harvard flags and brochures all over their bedroom at 10 years old? Go with it, mama, and do whatever the hell you can to help make their dreams a reality.

#3: Never take life too seriously.


Seriously, how boring is it to have no sense of humor? Even if it’s going to embarrass your kids – which is is – joke around. They’ll learn to appreciate your jokes, we promise!

#4: Don’t feel guilty about your coffee habits.


You’re a busy-ass Mom, it’s fine if you’ll have the Lorelai special.

#5: Establish family traditions.


Movie nights, game nights, weekly dinner plans… decide one something that your whole family loves and make it a tradition – weekly, monthly, yearly… whichever. It will be something to look forward to!

#6: Cleaning the house can wait.


It may feel like a miracle when you have a spare moment to clean the house. The above sound familiar? Don’t sweat it. Take in the moments as a mom – you’ll want to remember them versus how clean your house was at this point in time.

#7: Be real with your kids.


You don’t want to sugarcoat everything. It’s important to be honest with your kids. They are more likely to value an honest opinion than something that you say just because “you’re the mom.”

#8: You win some you lose some.


You can’t always assume they will listen to you, and that’s okay (ugh). Our kids need to figure some stuff out on their own.

#9: Be their best friend.


Yes, it’s your job to bring them back up when they feel like they’ve been torn down. Let them be sad, but be there as their crutch! So, buy all the necessary ingredients and let them let it aaaalllll out. Lorelai knows exactly what to do when her daughter experienced a tough break-up. Follow her lead.

#10: Always be in their corner.


No matter what is going on in your child’s life, always always always be supportive.

#11: Never miss out on a chance to tell them you love them.


Say it often, always.

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