11 Game of Thrones-Inspired Girl Names

It took me three seasons to be persuaded to watch, but I am now firmly obsessed with HBO’s fantasy drama Game of Thrones. Looking for an excuse to google Kit Harington at work, I volunteered to choose my favorite names based on the show.

game of thrones

Let’s start with the girls:

This name is definitely growing in popularity. Frequently spelt Aria, many parents have chosen this moniker for its musical connotation, but some may choose it in honor of the fiercely independent Stark child.

In a show filled with strong females, Brienne of Tarth is one of the baddest. An alternative to Brianna, Brienne would be a fitting name for one who is loyal and determined.

I find it unlikely that anyone would want to name their child after a manipulative woman who engaged in a highly inappropriate relationship with her twin brother, but it sounds pretty doesn’t it?

She’s never appeared on the show but if you’re a fan, you’ve heard the name Elia Martell. This name is the feminine form of Elijah and it belongs to the slain Princess of Dorne. Her name was often spoken by brother Oberyn, who vowed to avenge her death, until he was brutally murdered, too. Typical.

The Mother of Dragons. The Breaker of Chains. My favorite female character! I chose this Dothraki title because it sounds prettier than her actual name Daenerys, in my opinion.

Margaery is the medieval variant of Margaret and the name of a charming young lady from House Tyrell, who becomes Queen after marrying Tommen Baratheon. She also married his older brother, who was murdered at their wedding, but that’s a whole ‘nother thing.

Also called The Red Woman, Melisandre is known for serving the Lord of Light and giving birth to a shadow. Her name is perfect for those who like the name Melissa, but think “hmm, this could use another syllable.”

Osha was last seen escorting youngest Stark son Rickon to safety at Last Hearth and I completely forgot about her until now. I really like this simple name, which means bear and seems fitting for a wildling woman.

Sansa is the Sanskrit word for charm and the name of the oldest living Stark child. Not only is this one of my favorite names from the show, but Sansa is a character who has remained as ladylike as possible, despite the cruel experiences she has had to endure.

Shae is a unisex name and if you don’t mind that this Game of Thrones character is a lady of the night who backstabbed beloved dwarf Tyrion Lannister, then it’s a beautiful choice.

Our second wildling woman on the list, I have no idea what the name Ygritte means. But this is a woman who was able to win the affections of Jon Snow and therefore deserves our respect.


If you want to gossip with me about Game of Thrones, or suggest other baby name or story ideas, e-mail me at jenna@momof11kids.com.

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