11 Game of Thrones-Inspired Boy Names



On the heels of the season 5 finale, I brought you 11 Game of Thrones-Inspired Girl Names, so it only seemed fitting to kick off season 6 by delivering my picks for boy names, based on the show. Spoiler alert: you may not want to read further if you’re not caught up on the series.


Let’s respect our elders by starting with Aemon. This name belongs to the man who was Maester of Castle Black for decades and the last Targaryen in Westeros. We said goodbye to Aemon in the last episode, shortly after he called out for his brother Egg (how about that for a name) on his deathbed.


HODOR hodor hodor hodor hodor HODOR hodor. What else is there to say?! Literally, this character speaks no other word besides his own name. If you ever meet someone named Hodor, please let me know immediately. I need to meet his parents.


This name is a variant of Geoffrey, commonly spelled Jeffrey in America. Arrogant, spoiled and sadistic, Joffrey was the king we loved to hate, before he died at his wedding reception.


This unisex name has Biblical origins and belongs to Ser Mormont. Jorah may have spied on Daenerys in the past, but I believe his current loyalty to her cannot be denied, and now that he’s contracted Greyscale, I’m especially curious to learn his fate.


This Dothraki title is an alternative to Karl. Better known as Drogo, he is a powerful warrior. Like others on this list, he’s dead now, but his name lives on through Drogon, a dragon belonging to Daenerys.


This young villager was taken in by the Night’s Watch and eventually became Jon Snow’s squire. Mad at Jon for aligning with the Wildlings who killed his family, Olly lured him into a trap and delivered the final stab that killed the Lord Commander. I’ll never forgive you, Olly, but your name is still cute.


This name is derived from the Greek word for stone. Petyr is mostly known as Littlefinger, which is a fitting, albeit weird, nickname for a baby.


Renly of the House Baratheon claims the Iron Throne after the death of his brother, King Robert. I chose this because I love the nickname Ren (shout-out to my bestie). Add a silent “W” to the front of the name for a more unique spelling.


This name is a good alternative to Thomas and more mature than Tommy. Sweet Tommen is the current ruler of the Seven Kingdoms…but for how long? And now that he is king in his own right, will he outlaw beets?


This beloved character earned actor Peter Dinklage top billing, a Golden Globe and an Emmy. He may have done some unsavory things, but Tyrion has a good heart, in addition to his quick wit.


Varys is the name of a spymaster with a sophisticated intelligence network. This character is sometimes called the Spider, so at least when your preschooler decides he will not wear anything other than a Spider-Man costume, it will kind of make sense.



by Jenna Gagnon

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