11 Foods Your Kiddos Are Sure to Wear [as told by GIFs]

Ah, the days of messy eating. Sure, it can be a pain to clean up but… is there anything cuter?

#1: Cake

The first birthday is always the best, right?

#2: Spaghetti & Sauce

Michelle Tanner shows us all the right way to eat spaghetti!

#3: Yogurt

Even Go-Gurts couldn’t help with this inevitable mess.

#4: Chocolate

Because even as adults, chocolate is just one of those foods…

#5: Ice Cream

Everyone should eat their ice cream like this. Kiddos know what’s up!

#6: Water/Juice/ANY LIQUID

Juicy juice dripping all down that chin and onto that white shirt. Sound familiar?

#7: Ketchup

It happens to the best of us, kid.

#8: Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes
This is probably what I look like eating mashed potatoes, too.

#9: Mac and Cheese

mac and cheese
Orange cheesy mess all over those fingertips!

#10: Pizza

Sauce and cheese… are you sensing a pattern?

#11: Donuts

And it’s even funnier when they deny it.

What foods are your kids/kiddos wearing? Share your pics with us on Facebook!

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