Flower-Inspired Baby Names

So, you want to name your beautiful new baby after a flower. I think that is a lovely idea; plus your newborn is certainly as beautiful as any flower! But did you know that every flower has a meaning traditionally associated with it?

This was a big deal back in the Victorian period—people would send each other flowers for specific purposes. Want to tell your love that you will always be faithful? How about some violets, with a few tendrils of ivy for emphasis? Need some space in your relationship? Send over some heather!

Of course, the traditional meaning of flowers should have no bearing on what you name your child, but we thought it would be a fun bit of trivia.

Here are some of our favorite flower names, both common and unusual, along with some of their traditional symbolism:

  • Amaryllis: Dramatic
  • Azalea: Abundance
  • Camellia: Graciousness
  • Daisy: Innocence
  • Ginger: Pride
  • Heather: Solitude
  • Holly: Domestic Happiness
  • Iris: Inspiration
  • Ivy: Fidelity
  • Jasmine: Grace and Elegance
  • Lavender: Distrust
  • Lily:
    • Calla lily: Regality
    • Casablanca lily: Celebration
    • Day lily: Enthusiasm
    • Stargazer lily: Ambition
  • Marigold: Desire for Riches
  • Orchid: Delicate Beauty
  • Pansy: Loving Thoughts
  • Poppy: Consolation
  • Rose:
    • Pink rose: Admiration and Appreciation
    • Red rose: Passionate love
    • Red/White rose: Unity
    • White rose: Purity
    • Yellow rose: Friendship
  • Violet: Faithfulness
  • Zinnia: Thoughts of Friends

Let us know if we missed any. Which is your favorite?

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