25 Fall Activities for Kids (and You!)

fall activities
1. Build a scarecrow. Just grab some old clothes, elastic bands, and get to work. Checkout Pinterest for some inspiration.
2. Live in New England? Visit Salem, Massachusetts for some witch-related tourism and history! There’s always a lot going on over there around this time of year.
3. Take the family apple picking.
4. After apple picking, put everyone’s aprons on and bake homemade apple pie! Or how about some candy/caramel apples? Everyone loves them, and remember to go topping-crazy.
5. Get the fireplace up and running, get everyone cozy, and tell spooky stories on the living room floor.
6. Take a walk through your favorite local park (or backyard!) and find the prettiest leaves. Press them into a book to have forever. If you want to get really messy (your kids will) then paint and stamp them!
7. Visit a local pumpkin patch for hayrides, picking, and more.
8. Visit a local farm stand for some yummy (and inexpensive) honey sticks. Kids will love the unexpected treat!
9. Paint or carve pumpkins with your kiddies and friends. Make it even more interesting by having everyone guess how many seeds are in their pumpkin. Count ‘em up, and whoever is the closest to their guess gets a prize!
10. Take all the seeds from pumpkin carving and bake them with a little bit of salt. YUM!
11. Get ready to feel nostalgic. Movie night with the family – first up, Hocus Pocus! Next? Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. It’s a classic that you just can’t miss!
12. Find a local cider mill and grab some fresh cider… bonus if they have apple cider donuts! Our favorite is B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill in CT.
13. Make birdfeeders using pine cones, peanut butter, and some birdseed. They’re fun and easy.
14. Have a little baker at home? There’s nothing better than homemade pumpkin pie.
15. Plant some bulbs in the yard for spring. It’s a muddy ‘ol time that your kids will love, and you’ll have beautiful flowers by next year.
16. Everyone dress up in their coziest pajamas, grab a blanket, and head outside to make s’mores!
17. Hit a local corn maze and put your kiddo in charge of leading the way.
18. On Halloween, go trick-or-treating to say hello to the neighborhood (and load up on sugar… it’s fine for one night!)
19. Rake up the biggest pile of leaves you can for your kids and let them have at it. Grab your phone, because you’ll want to take plenty of pics of their excitement!
20. Bake pumpkin bread – and add some chocolate chips to the top if your family has a sweet tooth.
21. Play touch football in the backyard!
22. Visit a Haunted House… if you dare.
23. Get messy and make some popcorn balls.
24. Take advantage of a windy day and fly kites.
25. Whip up some pumpkin pie smoothies for a festive, sweet, and healthy breakfast for everyone.

What’s on your to-do list this season?

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