11 Earthy Girls Names

Picking out your baby’s name is one of the most exciting pieces of pregnancy. With hundreds of thousands of names to choose from, it’s important to take your time. Will you go with a traditional name? Or are you excited about a trendy name? Others go for something totally unique. As long as a name speaks to you, there is no right or wrong move.


At Mom of 11, are big advocates of “all natural” and we thought it might be fun to share 11 names that have a natural, earthy theme. Just in time for Earth Day! We hope we can inspire some namestorming here.

#1: Autumn // meaning: autumn/fall

#2: Calla // meaning: beauty

#3: Daisy // meaning: daisy flower

#4: Hazel // meaning: hazelnut tree

#5: Iris // meaning: rainbow

#6: Lilac // meaning: bluish flower

#7: Poppy // meaning: flower

#8: Sage // meaning: spice

#9: Skye // meaning: sky

#10: Terra // meaning: earth, soil

#11: Violet // meaning: flower

Share your favorite female “earthy” name with us, below. If you are more interested in boy names, we’ll be back tomorrow to deliver.

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