Early Intervention Is Coming to Town!

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Early intervention is coming to town!

I have a million reasons to explain why my toddler still isn’t speaking, from the medical (he had a surgery at 16 months that may have something to do with this) to the bilingual home, but the bottom line is that the reasons don’t matter. He still isn’t speaking, so speech therapy it is.


I’m not even worried, per se. I don’t think anything is drastically wrong with him, and I’m pretty confident that he will speak eventually.

On the other hand, as a first time mom, it is pretty stressful when your kid isn’t hitting all of his milestones.

Even as an infant, he was quiet. An observer, we said. He was crawling and standing unsupported by six months, walking at nine months, but still not babbling. Focusing on his motor skills, we said. His manual dexterity is impressive, able to manipulate small objects very precisely (even his pediatrician was impressed! Sorry, FTM pride moment…), and his climbing skills are positively simian. He doesn’t feel the need to talk, he’s a doer, we said. We understand his pointed fingers, his grunts, and his head-shakes as if they were language. Exactly, that’s why he hasn’t learned to talk yet. He knows he can get what he wants anyway, we said.

But at the end of the day, he still isn’t speaking, and he should be. Not even “Mama,” let alone “ball,” “cat,” or “just one more turn on the slide!”

So here we are, adding speech therapy to the list of things that we do each week. I think he will enjoy it; it’s all done through play, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

I know we are lucky—there are far greater problems than delayed speech. But it can still get pretty frustrating when you are dealing with it. And our little man is frustrated too—he has been crankier than usual, and more prone to tantrums. At this point, he is obviously desperate to talk.

Hopefully this new, extra support will make a big difference. I’m looking forward to a happier toddler, who is able to communicate his needs easily. I’m looking forward to finishing with speech therapy, so that I can clear out my schedule a little bit. I’m looking forward to chatting with munchkin, and hearing his little voice more often. But most of all?

I’m looking forward to hearing that first Mama.

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2 Responses to “Early Intervention Is Coming to Town!”

  1. ashley on

    Hello i love your blog!! I have 2 amazing kids my son was a stinker i had go in to be induced early he had got big and im so small they were worried well after 44 hours of labor he wasn’t coming not even a bit dilated had have c sections and i even had be put under due to not being numb enough (not a good felling by the way. didn’t get to see him or hold him or hear his first cry until 2 hours after his birth 🙁 but he was so beautiful and it was like i knew him my whole life he had have surgery on his mouth at 3 weeks he was born with a hole in his gum line and at 14 month he couldn’t drink from anything but a slow drip bottle so we had go in for occupational therapy helped wounders with in weeks he was drinking from straws!! Then 4 years later i had to have my overie removed and they found i had endometrious the doctor told me if i wanted another baby do it now because in bout 3 months they didn’t think i could ever have kids again 🙁 we tried and tried and nothing i was just about to give up ( a year later) When i got pregnant it was awesome i was so happy! @ weeks later at doctors due to bleeding for 2 days scarey but it ended up being ok and i went on with what i thought to be a normal pregnancy and i loved it until one day the doctor told me when i was kept over night in er for sever pain that i had placenta preveia it was scarey the thought that i could lose my child or the both of us could not make it, i had go to a specialist once a week with sono witch was always fun seeing her! Even had to get storied shots, blood work ect.Then they sent me for mri looking to see if my placenta had grown attached to my uterus witch could cause massive bleeding and end in a hysterectomy if it was bad, last few month i was a reck and scared.THen the time came for my ce section!! I hate that big needle in the back and let e tel you how weird it feels to have your innards pulled out of you and put back in and you cant feel anything(but pressure)you can hear the siccors cutting you open and that was weird. But when i heard her first cry it was so worth it and then he held her up and she was just so beautiful i cried! I love my kids more than words can explain.

    • Lani Arroyo on

      Thanks for reading! Wow, it sounds like you have had quite a few intese moments in your motherhood journey, but I’m so glad that everything worked out in the end! Luckily therapy is helping my son as well, which is great. You sound like a fantastic mama, and I bet your kids are every bit as amazing as you say. I’m glad you like the blog, and we love to hear your comments!



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