What’s the Deal With Diaper Rash?

We’re looking at all the new moms out there. Seeing a rash on your perfect babe can be quite alarming, especially the first time. Never mind having a freak-out session. Stay calm! This is a very normal and extremely common condition for babies.

Mother changing diaper of adorable baby

Take a deep breath, and let’s go over the basics.

What causes diaper rash?

There are a number of things that may cause diaper rash, from the wetness of the diaper to an antibiotic your baby is taking. Other causes include diaper chafing, introducing new foods, sensitive skin, and new product use.

What does diaper rash look like?

In mild cases of diaper rash, you may notice a few red bumps. In other cases, the skin may be warm and puffy, with the marks spreading around your baby’s thighs and tummy. Please, do not be alarmed! Repeat after us: This is not your fault. It is very common and is easily treated. And guess what? It may happen again! It’s just a part of motherhood. Think of it as an official initiation into the world of motherhood and worries.


As a mama, you will want to treat your baby’s bottom with a trusted, all-natural diaper rash product. It should clear within a few days.

How can I prevent diaper rash in the future?

For prevention, you should always be sure to change your baby’s diaper as often as possible. Keeping them clean and dry is the first step to prevention. You may also want to check the products that you are using, from lotions to wipes. Opt for non-scented varieties, and preferably ones that do not include alcohol.

We swear, once you get the rash under control, you have nothing to worry about. If you are deeply concerned or suspect it to be something else, it does not hurt to visit a trusted pediatrician.

Our advice? Monitor the rash, treat it, and stay calm! Your sweetie’s bum will be smooth in no time.

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