Should I Use Cloth Diapers?

Eco friendly diapers
I don’t know, should you? While I can’t tell you what you should do, I can give you better insight on the world of cloth diapering. Take a look at some of the pros and cons below and then make a judgment call.

These are pros and cons from real moms, so opinions certainly vary. We’re just reiterating!


  • Save money – you can reuse these babies over and over. And contrary to what some people say, the laundry bill is not that much worse.
  • Zero chemicals – keeping your baby’s sensitive skin safe from contact with any toxins.
  • Better for the environment – less waste!
  • There are SO many options out there – here are 5 major types to consider.
  • New and improved cloth diapers are real cute.
  • Can be used for more than 1 kiddo.
  • Cloth-diapered babies tend to potty-train quicker, simply because it is easier for them to feel the wetness.
  • You never run out of diapers.
  • Much more breathable than disposable.


  • Not as convenient. You can’t just throw a cloth diaper out – which can be tough when you are out and about for the day. That dirty diaper is coming everywhere with you.
  • Less absorbent than disposable diapers, which can irritate the skin and cause rashes. HOWEVER, some moms say that cloth diapers actually helped with rashes, because they are breathable.
  • Some daycare centers will not use cloth diapers – may make it hard when choosing.
  • Can be smelly and messy without the proper care.
  • Take up more room in the diaper bag.

Cloth diapering is not for everyone, so I hope that this information has been helpful in your decision. If you are seriously considering cloth diapers still, check out this insightful piece by Small Notebook – What I Wish I Had Known About Cloth Diapers.

What is your experience with cloth diapering? We’d love some insight from the best of the best. Share in the comment section below!

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