4 Ways to Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Legendary

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As a parent, you already know just how valuable and precious the moments you spend with your child are. However, when it comes to children, spending time with their friends and peers is just as important. They need some time to be kids and have fun, and the best way to get that is to play with their friends. A good birthday party is usually memorable, so why wouldn’t you make a small effort and throw a party that your child and their friends will remember forever?

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Take face paint one step further
Yes, kids love face paint. It makes them feel special and they believe they look completely different. Having someone to do face paint for all your little guests is a great idea, but why not take it even one step further and offer them body paint instead? This will be great during the summer, because when they’re done, they can use water guns to clean themselves up.

Surprise birthday cake
The cake is the key to a successful birthday party. The more original it is, better impression it will make on kiddos and guests. The best thing you can do is to keep it a secret until the party. You can try to guess what is it that will make your kid happy or you can investigate before the birthday so that you can order the right shape of the cake. Perhaps it’s the little mermaid, a racing car, or even SpongeBob – whatever your kid likes best. It is easy to decorate the cake yourself by using lollipops, cupcakes, and candies so little guests can take parts and carry them around.

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If you want your party to be successful you should organize children’s time in some way. If you have a problem of keeping their attention this could easily become a real mess. Therefore, you need to think of a game which will include everyone. If the weather is nice, they could play in the garden with water guns or they could play bowling – fill ten bottles with water, have them form a triangle, take any ball and begin! Or you could even spray paint your lawn to make it look like a Twister surface and give them a chance to play outside and roll all over the grass.

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When it is all over, you will be feeling exhausted and happy that it’s behind you. Your kid, on the other hand, may be bummed that it’s over and will often talk about their party. To allow them to save as much memories as they can – take plenty of photos. But why not overdo it instead and hire a photobooth? We live in Sydney so we hired this one because it comes with a white cover tent, and it was a blast.

You know your children and their desires better than anyone, so it shouldn’t be a problem to throw a party which they will remember for a long time. All their friends and themselves will have a blast and they will look forward to each new party.

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