Celestial & Space-Inspired Baby Names


Any astronomy lovers out there? Believe it or not, there are some beautiful celestial baby names out there (no pun intended). We’ve compiled a couple lists of our favorites for girls and boys.

If space is your thing, then here’s your baby-naming inspiration.


1. Bianca // a small moon of Uranus
2. Aurora // Aurora Borealis
3. Calypso // a moon of Saturn
4. Elara // a moon of Jupiter
5. Libra // a constellation in eastern sky
6. Lyra // a constellation in northern hemisphere
7. Luna // moon
8. Nova // means “new star”
9. Stella // means “star”
10. Larissa // a moon of Neptune
11. Venus // second planet closest to Sun


1. Mars // fourth planet from the Sun
2. Archer // Sagittarius grouping of stars
3. Castor // brightest star in constellation of Gemini
4. Holmes // largest comet/object in solar system
5. Galileo // Italian astronomer
6. Leo // constellation that contains many bright stars
7. Altair // eleventh brightest star in the sky
8. Phoenix // constellation in southern sky
9. Pluto // used to be smallest planet in solar system
10. Rocket // spaceship
11. Apollo // Apollo asteroids

Did we miss any? Share with us in the comments!

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