How to Deal with Breast Irritation

Nipple pain, soreness, chafing… you may experience all of the above during pregnancy. In fact, you more than likely will! It’s just a part of pregnancy that we all have to deal with at some point. Between changing hormones and breastfeeding constantly, your girls are definitely under some stress and pressure.

There are always ways to reduce pain and get your girls back on the road to recovery. This week, let’s dive into some #realtalk.

The Issue: Breast Soreness
Why? Changing hormones, excess fat, and increased blood flow are all to blame for breast soreness. It’s totally normal.
The Fix: Soreness is tough to avoid, but your choice bra could help. Invest in a well-fitted and comfortable bra to support those growing gals. At night, you may feel more comfortable sleeping in a breathable sports bra.

The Issue: Itchy Nipples
Why? Growing breasts means stretching skin. This can trigger the itching and have you feeling raw.
The Fix: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Just a dab in the morning and at night can keep you from itching and give the skin the moisture it craves. You may want to rethink your bra choice, too. Opt for soft, cotton/cloth bras.

The Issue: Leaky Breasts
Why? Blame it on prolactin, the hormone that is preparing your breasts for all the nursing you will be doing. When stimulated, it may cause fluid leakage.
The Fix: Can’t stop this leaking faucet, but you can cover up that embarrassing leak. Try sticking some nursing pads in your bra to soak up the extra fluid.

The Issue: Chafing/Cracked Nipples
Why? This issue is common before AND after pregnancy. This skin around your nipple is very sensitive, and when you have a baby latched on and sucking on and off all day, it can cause some pain and chafing!
The Fix: When breastfeeding, you want to make sure that your baby is latching correctly. You should also care for your breasts when they aren’t “in play.” Use ice packs or cool compresses after feedings, and gently massage the area. If the cracking gets worse, you may want to pump for a few days to allow nipples to heal.

While these #boobprobz are annoying, remember that this is temporary! Fortunately, there is a fix for each of these. We hope that these tips have helped and work for you. Good luck, mama!

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