11 Truths About Big Babies (and Their Mamas)

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My first born was a whopping 10 lbs., 2 oz. The doctors say it’s in the DNA; my husband was almost 9 lbs., and I was just under 10 at birth.

Babies weighing more than 8 lbs., 13 oz. at delivery are considered “macrosomic” or “large for gestational age.”

I fully appreciate that a 10 lb. honey ham of a baby is shocking! But be a little tactful with the woman who is growing him or her. If you think it’s shocking, imagine carrying – and then delivering – that big ol’ bundle of love.

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Here are 11 truths you should know about big babies (and their mamas):

  1. Mom is not necessarily diabetic (gestational diabetes, or otherwise). There is a correlation in some cases, but certainly not all.
  2. Mom isn’t necessarily overweight. Big mom, big baby, right? Wrong. They don’t always go hand in hand.
  3. Mom didn’t necessarily overindulge during pregnancy. You can feast like a king and have a small baby, or follow a modest diet and have a large one.
  4. Surprise! Mom’s belly gets really, really big during pregnancy. Comment if you must, but I’m gonna go ahead and bet she’s fully aware of it, every second.
  5. She’s uncomfortable. She’s got a giant human in her belly. It puts a strain on everything. Be patient with her.
  6. Mom is probably scared. Of what this baby is doing to their body, and how delivery will go.
  7. Speaking of… delivering a big baby increases the chances of tearing, blood loss, damage to mom’s tailbone, and shoulder dystocia (where the shoulder gets caught behind the pubic bone and the baby becomes stuck).
  8. But the family still has options. Expecting a big baby doesn’t mean you’re automatically going under the knife. It’s a mother’s choice, and she’ll work with the advice of her caregivers to make the right one for her and her baby.
  9. If Mom had a C-section, they didn’t take the “easy way out.” Ain’t nothing easy about major abdominal surgery!
  10. Mom and baby will be fine. There have been 14-15 lb.+ babies who have lived to tell the tale. Modern medicine is wonderful. They’re in good hands. And baby won’t grow up to be giant; things even out shortly after birth.
  11. Baby still seems small to the mom and dad! Especially if it’s their first-born. So they’re not quite clear on why you’re gawking.

(Mom of 1, with 1 more on the way)

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  1. Ashley Gronewaller on

    I love this! My first born is 4mo old now and ppl still call her huge but they fail to realize she was 9.9 lbs at birth. She’s perfect to me and if she’s a little bigger than other kids her age that’s just fine with me.

    • Kate Brierley on

      Yes, Ashley, you hit it on the head — they’re perfect to us no matter what! Happy and healthy. What more could we ask for? -Kate

  2. I can totally relate to this post. I have two boys, baby and I were both very healthy for each pregnancy and some of the comments I would hear from people just got to be so annoying. My first weighed 10lbs 6oz and my second weighed 10lbs 10oz, both natural births

    • Kate Brierley on

      Wow! So yes, you can definitely relate. Thanks for your comment, Audra. So glad your boys are doing well and that you had smooth pregnancies. My second boy is due in 6 weeks and he’s also expected to be big. 🙂 -Kate

  3. Tawnya on

    Loved this! My first born was 9 pounds 11 oz. It was seriously a shock on his size. I was at a healthy weight pre-pregnancy and in good shape and gained 26 pounds. I had even kept running until my 7th month (ok, it was really a “trot” one block at a time). I was induced nearly 2 weeks after my due date because my amnio fluid was super low. Duh, we figured out why afterwards. The labor was tough but I did it. We laughed with the staff and decided my body cavity was pretty empty since he was hiding pretty well in there :). My 2nd baby was quite smaller at 7.13 — and we were expecting him to be bigger!

    • Kate Brierley on

      Wow! I give you credit for that one trot around the block at at time, believe me. And of course for delivery that big, beautiful baby — and another one to boot. Thanks for sharing your story. Good to know I am not alone! Stay well! 🙂 -Kate


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