Beating the Back to School Blues

Parents Walking Son to School

The school year is beginning, and yes Moms, the struggle is real. Aside from already feeling nervous for your kiddo, you may be watching them struggle with the transition. While some kids are totally fine as they run towards their friends on the blacktop, other kids… not so much. Panic, anxiety, tantrums, the whole nine.

Instead of keeping them home or losing your mind, let’s focus on a few ways that can help you deal with the situation. That sounds better than going crazy, right?

#1: Make “back to school” shopping exciting. Kick off the school year with excitement. I know as a kid, I looked forward to getting all new notebooks, pencils, folders, etc. Allow them to pick out their new backpack and lunchbox… even down to the thermos. They’ll be excited to use their new gear, and it may help them to feel “like a big kid!”

#2: Establish (and practice) a routine. Mornings before school can be C-H-A-O-S. Lunches not made, kiddo arguing about going, etc. Organize everything the night before to help with the morning routine. Pack them fun, exciting (and healthy) snacks that they will look forward to. If you take your kids to school, give them a loving sendoff. Routine is good.

#3: Ask questions and open a dialogue. Seriously, just talk it out. Empathize with your little student and ask them about their day, what made them happy, what made them nervous, what made them mad, etc. It’s important to show your child that you see where they are coming from and understand. Together, you can turn it into a positive situation. Make this a part of your routine, if it helps.

#4: Speak with their teacher. Get to know the man or woman who is spending so much time with your kid. Express your concerns and see what they have to say. Having him or her aware of what’s going on at home could help once your child is in the classroom. They are there to teach and guide your kid, too!

In some cases, the back to school blues can be inevitable, but these are just a few ways to deal. Do you have any tried and true tips? We’d love to hear – and I think I speak for all Moms when I say, PLEASE SHARE!

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