11 Tips to Babyproof Your Home

Baby opening a drawer
Ah, the joys of the mobile child.

On the one hand, it is so exciting when they start to crawl, walk, or climb. On the other hand, you realize how many dangerous things you still have in your house.

I am pretty sure my son is part monkey, so this baby-proofing thing is big with us. Here are eleven baby-proofing tips, from one mama to another. I know it seems like a lot, but once these measures are in place, you can breathe a whole lot easier.

NOTE: There will be links to products. I am not endorsing these particular brands, I am merely showing you the styles that I am referencing. Please do your own research before selecting baby-proofing products. Also, I am not being paid by any of these product companies for this post. Carry on!

SECOND NOTE: “Baby-proof” is an ideal state of being. It’s like Nirvana—everyone wants to get there, but it a very difficult journey. Sometimes you think you are there and experience setbacks. That’s ok—I am on my second round of cabinet locks, since the munchkin broke through the old ones. For the purpose of this post, “baby-proof” should be read as “baby-resistant,” or “may slow baby down temporarily.” Of course, some babies are easier to proof for than others. Now, carry on for real!

#1: Outlet protectors! I hate outlet protectors—at least the ones that require you to take off the cover every time you need the outlet, and then remember to put them back in afterwards. I love the sliding plate covers; it takes a bit more work to install them, but once they are in, you never need to worry again! Your outlets remain baby-proofed forever, and you can still use them without hassle! Best of all, once your little person starts unplugging things (which will happen, don’t fool yourself), the outlets immediately reverts to baby-proof. It is such a relief to not have to worry about it anymore!

#2: Cords from window blinds are a strangulation hazard, but one that can be easily managed. Make sure you protect your sweet baby by winding those cords up, out of reach.

#3: Wherever you have stairs, you should have gates. Personally, I prefer ones that have the swing-out door, rather than the ones you need to slide away from the wall, simply because I always worry that my mini-Hulk will find some way to dislodge the latter style.

#4: For the love of all that is holy, please invest in some window locks! People often don’t think when they open a window, and screens are no match for a leaning toddler. These allow the window to open, while preventing it from opening wide enough to be dangerous. It is such a simple way to protect your littles, yet so many don’t do it.

#5: Toilet locks. Toilets are so much fun for toddlers; make sure your love bug can’t fall in! There are tons of styles for this, all of which should be fine. I use these ones, if anyone cares 🙂

#6: Another necessity: drawer and cabinet locks. I am not even going to link to a style, A) because there are so many, and B) because the type of cabinets that you have makes a huge difference in terms of what works. Also, your baby’s dexterity and determination play a role. Needless to say, though, that these are a must-have. Baby should not be able to get into the drawer with the steak knives, nor into the cabinet with the china.

#7: Keep your kitchen safe with stove knob covers and oven door locks, at least if your oven doesn’t have a locking feature.

#8: If your child is anything like mine, you are going to want to cushion every edge and corner in your house.

#9: Once your little is a bit bigger, he or she may enjoy opening and closing doors. Keep little fingers un-pinched with some kind of doorstop. Also, if you don’t want your baby opening and closing doors, there are a plethora of baby-proof doorknob covers for all types of doorknobs. Again, not going to link to styles because so much depends on A) your doorknobs, and B) the dexterity of your toddler’s chubby lil’ hands.

#10: Put all household chemicals high up, out of baby’s reach. Same goes for plastic shopping bags. A good idea is to store them in some kind of dispenser that you can hang on a wall. Also, when you throw plastic bags away, knot them first so your munchkin can’t take it from the trash and put it on his head.

#11: And finally, a hugely important one: anchor your furniture to walls, and prevent your baby from toppling heavy things on top of herself. There are a whole bunch of ways to do this (straps, screws, etc.) so do some research on what works for you. Kids love to hang on things, pull on things, and climb on things, so we parents have to make sure that those things don’t come crashing down on our precious babies.

I hope that you found this list helpful! Happy baby-proofing!

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