How to Lose the Baby Weight

Healthy mother and baby making gymnastics
Don’t you love it when you see a celebrity bounce back after baby? She’s dressed to perfection on the red carpet – not a bump in sight. HOW? Just how?

How the heck can you get there?

How? I’ll tell you how. Step one: Stop comparing yourself to other postpartum mamas – ESPECIALLY CELEBRITIES. Unless you have the time and money to exercise with an all-star trainer for hours on end, you need to relax with the comparisons. Step two: take some notes on the tips below. Your body will lose the weight at its own comfortable pace, but these tips may help move it along.

#1: Breastfeed (if possible). It’s true what they say about breastfeeding. Depending on how much milk you produce, you may burn up to 500 extra calories per day. How does this work? Your body is working hard to produce milk, which is enough to burn those calories away.

#2: Move around whenever you can. Whether that means rocking the baby while walking around the house or doing 10 minutes of yoga while your baby watches you.

#3: Stock your home with healthy snacks. Sure, you may not have time to cook a healthy meal, but having healthy snacks on hand will be better than grabbing for something fattening. High fiber snacks are a good way to keep you fuller, longer and regulate.

#4: Team up with another mom. If you have a friend who is in the same baby weight boat, what are you waiting for? Give her a call and take the babes walking at a local park. Having a buddy to work out and chat about weight loss goals can help keep you (both) motivated.

Oh, and step three? Relax and enjoy the time with your baby. Your body just made that little nugget in your arms. Celebrate it! The moment that kiddo pops out, you’ll lose the first 10 lbs, anyways (between their weight, blood, amniotic fluids, etc…) That’s a great start, considering a typical pregnancy weight gain is around 25-35 lbs.

You’ll have all the time in the world to get your body back in tip-top shape. For now, just do the very best you can and enjoy every sweet second with your sweetheart. You’ll forget about all those strenuous workouts in a few years, but you’ll never forget the way it feels to lie down and bond with your baby. Take your time, there is no rush.

Question of the day: Do you have a baby weight loss tip that you swear by? Share it with the rest of us, mama!

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