Baby Eczema: Myth vs. Fact

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Don’t fret, mama! Baby eczema is just another normal occurrence in the wide world of babies.

MYTH #1: Eczema is contagious

FACT: Here’s some good news – this is totally false! Your babe cannot catch eczema from someone on the playground or in daycare. If your baby has an eczema outbreak, it is more than likely hereditary.

MYTH #2: You can’t do anything to help eczema.

FACT: Not entirely true. Some studies have shown a reduction in eczema when breastfeeding moms omit milk and eggs from their diet. If you believe your diet may be affecting your baby, always ask your pediatrician. There’s also all-natural skin care products, such as No Time for Eczema, to help with rashy skin.

MYTH #3: Babies with eczema will have it forever.

FACT: In most cases, eczema will become a non-issue by 2-3 years old. More than half of babies who are affected with outgrow it.

Aside from the myths, there are also a few facts that may help you have a better understanding. If your child has eczema, remember to:

  • Rinse soap off your baby entirely after a bath – leftover residue can cause irritation.
  • Excessive drool can cause skin irritation. To avoid this, add a little petroleum jelly to create a barrier between wetness and sensitive skin.
  • Use mild detergents when washing baby’s clothes to avoid harsh chemicals that can irritate eczema further.
  • Dress your baby is loose, airy clothing to keep them feeling comfortable.
  • Keep your baby’s skin moisturized, especially during the dry, winter months.

If you are worried about your little one’s eczema flare-up, learn more about No Time for Eczema, our advanced anti-itch therapy. We’ve formulated an all-natural and highly effective ointment that can handle even the angriest outbreaks. Our triple action formula calms, moistures, and relieves even the most sensitive skin. Hypo-allergenic, dermatologist tested, and doctor approved!

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